Wrong results in smart playlist filter by mood

Issue description:

I created a song smart playlist using the Mood filter.
I noticed the playlist contains the song that matches the specified mood but also other songs in the same parent album even if they don’t match the mood.

This is my specific use case:

  • I have an album called “A Hard Day’s Night”
  • The album contains 4 songs, each one with different mood (Unknown, Melancholy, Greateful, Peaceful)
  • The first issue: after scanning the files, there’s only one mood in the Moods list: Greateful. I was expecting to see 4 moods.
  • The second issue: I created a song smart playlist with only one filter: Mood Is Greateful, but the playlist returns all the 4 songs in the album.

This issue seems similar to the behavior where the album year is determined by the year of the first song found in the album; it looks like the mood of all songs is defined by the mood of the first song found in the album.

I’m happy to create a feature request if this behavior is by design, but I was expecting the smarfilter to match moods on each individual track (since I’m using a song smart playlist and not an album smart playlist).


Upload description: Smart playlist filter by mood

Additional information:

The log includes the scanning process, opening the list of moods and running the smart playlist.

Reproduction steps:


  • Scan songs with the same album but different moods
  • After scanning you will see only one mood in the Mood list
  • Create a song smart playlist filtering by one of the mood values
  • Run the playlist and you will see that all songs in the album are returned even though they all have different moods

Media provider:

Local device



There’s no concept of song mood in Symfonium so I told you when I added this that it would the album one.

I’ll fix using all the song moods for the album mood.

Oh you are right, but yes, that fix works for me, thanks.

Hey, I’m not really sure what the expected behavior is with this fix.

I have an album with three songs, three moods (Depressed, Excited, Melancholy) and one Language (English).

If I create a song smart playlist with two filters: Mood = Depressed, Language = English, Match = All… what should be the result? I’m currently getting nothing.

If this is an issue I can submit a separate report with all the required info.

Check the album mood list and be sure the 3 are there if you properly rescanned.

Thne open an issue.