Smart playlist - Empty results using Mood and Language

Issue description:

I have an album with three songs, three moods (Excited, Depressed, Melancholy) and one language (English).

I created a song smart playlist with two filters: Mood=Depressed, Language=English, Match=All and I get no results.

My original expectation was to only see the song that matches the mood, but since I was told that there’s no such thing as song mood, I’m not sure what the expected result is. Maybe I should see all the tracks of the album?


Upload description: Empty smart playlist with mood and language

Additional information:

Using 9.0.0 beta 2.

Conversation dervied from this other issue:

Reproduction steps:


  1. Sync an album with three songs, each one with different mood and same language (images attached)
  2. Create a filter with one of the moods and the language (image attached)
  3. You will get no results (image attached)

Media provider:

Local device




Will be fixed, use contains as a workaround.

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