Would it be possible to attach queue to Bluetooth device

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Would this be a feature that is possible to make?
When Symfonium detects which Bluetooth device is connected it automatically switches to a queue that you specifically dictated to be used.

It’s just that I have different listening habbits when I’m in my car, when I’m in my living room or when I’m in my bedroom, each location connects to different bluetooth device.


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This is not really possible as the queues rotates and the older are removed, starting a new playback session starts a new queue each time.

That would make the feature way too unreliable to be usable for most of the people (And the need is also quite specific).

You can use tasker/automate to do a lot of automated things related to connected devices.

Wow, thanks again.
Already found this info you added regarding the topic: Symfonium API (Allow control from other apps like tasker)
Will try this out. Thanks!

Not able to reply in API post itself, so doing it here. Could you please provide an example of how for example adding a media_command in Automate would look like?

Was trying something like this

I don’t use it but see Add auto-sync for local media library - #8 by uncle-kridley or maybe tag that post author to ask details.

Yes, got it working now. Fairly easy to do.
Maybe you should add screenshot or you should link to his zip file in your manual, as an example.

This is what worked for me:

Everyone can post in the Tips & Tricks :wink: That would make a nice addition to explain from the start of to use the API from Automate.

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Actually, i’ts already all here: Can't start sync via API / broadcast