Can't start sync via API / broadcast

Issue description:

I’m trying to use the Automate app to trigger daily syncs but I’m having no luck. In the Symfonium log I see:

2023-04-25 11:22:16.934 Verbose/ApiReceiver: API call: app.symfonium.api.MEDIA_SYNC - PROVIDER_ID : 5.0

But the sync never happens.

In Automate I’m sending the following for “Extras”:


What am I doing worng?

Logs: (5.3 KB)

Additional information:

I’ve successfully used Automate to trigger a MEDIA_START event, so it’s not an (obvious) issue with Automate.

Well damn, finally figured it out. I needed to cast the provider value as an int:

{"PROVIDER_ID" as int: 5}

That was not very obvious in the Automate docs.

Sorry for the spam.

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Maybe you can paste the full image of the configuration for other users?

Here’s screenshots of my Automate morning music sync:

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