Where can I find my backup files?

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yes! Please tell me where to save the backup file!
Android Auto wasn’t working well, so I made a backup from Symphonium’s settings, uninstalled it, and installed it again.
Then, even though I was sure it was backed up, the backup file is not displayed. There was definitely a dated backup file here before the uninstall
I want to manually select the backup file to restore, where is it stored?


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 Back up the settings, uninstall the app, and install it again to restore the settings file you created earlier.
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The files are internal to the application and should be exported.

I guess the Wiki is not clear enough. I’ll add more details.

Can the app output the backups to a location that it remembers? I use other apps on Android that implement automatic backups at a user-defined location, so I set them to output to a backup folder that then gets automatically sync’ed off device (nas, cloud, …)

Edit: hopefully we see this feature implemented

What do you mean?
Does creating a backup file not actually create any files?

It does and after it saves it to the app local data you get an option to share it with another app (e.g. upload it to Google Drive, email it, make a local copy, etc.). At least that’s how it works on my phone.

Excuse me, could you tell me the local save location?
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You can go to the Symfonium app settings > Advanced > Manage Symfonium generated files. You can find the backup file there and you can share it from there.

When I reinstalled the app, the backup file that was supposed to be there disappeared.

I use the “save on device” app. If you install the app and click on share anywhere in your device , it’ll show the option of “save on device” and you can save it wherever you want

Any file manager app that you can share to should work. I use Solid Explorer, but IIRC the stock Files app also shows up as a sharing target.

@yamanobe unfortunately with the current backup design, you have to make sure you share the file and back it up right away. If you uninstall the app all its data is gone, including the backup that it stores internally. Hopefully this will improve because it breaks the expectations of users who do not understand app data.

The moment the backup file is created, the Android share dialog pops up for you to store the file somewhere. I guess if you dismiss that, it is kind of your own fault? :slight_smile:

It does, but this is an unusual pattern, I haven’t seen it in other apps, so it’s easy to assume you don’t need to share it and that it’s somewhere on /sdcard where it doesn’t get wiped if you uninstall the app or clear its data.
Aegis 2FA is a good example how these backups should work instead.

You do know that Google have made everything in it’s power since a long time to specially prevent apps from writing “somewhere” in the sdcard that survive the app uninstall ? …

I don’t know the technical details, but apps such as Aegis 2FA seem to be able to do it, set it and forget it automatic backups to a location of my choice on the internal storage. I’m no Android dev, but couldn’t Symfonium use the same technique that Aegis employs (the code is on Github)?

Selecting a folder via SAF and magically somewhere on the sdcard are quite different :wink:

All I can recommend is that you try Aegis from the Play Store and look at their code in Github. I don’t understand technical details such as SAF, but I know the user experience I get from Aegis and that would be preferable to the sharing popup for every manual backup: encrypted backups in a folder of my choice that then gets sync’ed to Google Drive via FolderSync, for off-device backups.

And there’s already a feature request for that, spamming everywhere won’t make things happen faster …