Way to cast to PC?

Issue description:

I’m wanting to use Symfonium on a wall-mounted Android device as a remote control for a PC (running Ubuntu) that’s hard-wired into my audio system. I’m looking for a utility or app to leave running on the PC that will be recognized in Symfonium as a cast target. Any ideas? Or is there a better way to do what I’m wanting to do?

You can install Kodi and only use it as UPnP renderer, ignoring all other functions. I did that on a RPi Zero 2 running Debian/Raspbian.

Or you go even more lightweight but with more manual configuration and use upmpdcli with mpd.

This is works very well on my two RPi 1B with Raspbian and I use it daily.

Not sure how well this fits a PC used as a desktop as well (I assume that is what you do?). Mine are headless devices not used for anything else and without any desktop environment.

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