Waveform progress bar jumps every few seconds

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After remaining still in between. This leads to a janky/jerky experience. The amount varies by track, but seems to be a consistent intervals within a track, and happens on every track I checked.
I have uploaded an example track and video.


Upload description: Waveformjump

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I’m glad that I’m not the only one who noticed that. It’s not only the wave bar itself that jumps/refreshes inconsistently. It’s also the seconds counter of the time and the horizontal scrolling of a title text that’s too long to fit.
Spent a good 5 minutes staring at it and wondering if my feeling of time is off by that much haha.

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Yes. I noticed the timer too, I should have mentioned it, but didn’t totally trust my judgement there haha.

@655321 upload a video and logs too, those have not changed, looks like a different global perf issue.

The issue with the timer updating only happens when the waveform progress bar is on, to be clear

Will do. I already had a recording without logs tho and quickly went through that frame by frame.

01.026 32
01.733 33
02.451 34
03.879 35
04.598 36
06.015 37
06.736 38
07.464 39
08.890 40
09.588 41
11.027 42

These are the frametimes upon timer change in symfonium, the pattern seems to be: around 700ms, around 700ms, around 1400ms.
My phone has a 90Hz refresh rate. Could that be the culprit? I’ll create another recording with logs next.

nvm found it

My refresh rate is 60hz

@Tolriq, I reported a similar thing regarding the seconds counter a long time ago. IIRC you said back then that the screen is not refreshed second by second exactly - which is why I did not report anything now. But I can line in here with the people where the progress is not as “smooth” as expected, although I do not see 3-second-jumps.

zipped as: “wavebar 655321”

Yeah, I’m seeing a similarly laggy experience, though while I mostly see all seconds, they come at irregular intervals, sometimes even multiple “short” seconds in a row.

The bar itself updates itself way less, tho. I counted 30 (very disjoint) updates on wave over 1 minute segment, so that makes it somewhere around every 2 seconds.

My experience is in Lagg-ish wave.mp4, and accompanying logs are the latest on my name. 120hz display, if that’s important.

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Small observation: refresh rate of the wave progressbar depends on smoothness. Sharp updates precisely when seconds do, Smooth does it every 2nd second update, Smoother usually does every 4th, but sometimes 3rd.

In other words, the Sharp behaves same as normal progress bar in this update (didn’t check against previous), others have way less refresh rate, which might be what people are noticing here. (My recording was at Smooth)

Well yes smooth & co reduce the number of points so this is kinda expected with current approach.

I’ll see what I can do;

This is not accurate for me. Sharp still displays the same errant behaviour. However, you are right that the update interval is smaller the shaper the bar is.

For a song I just tested:
Sharp: progress bar updates every 2 secs
Smooth: 3 secs
Smoothest: 8 secs

I concur with what @Roukanken said regarding the timer in his previous message though.

Works as expected in Beta 2. Thanks @Tolriq I love wave bars. :slight_smile:

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