Volume dips when the next song starts

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When I skip to the next song I get about a 2 sec audio dip (volume) when the new song starts. I tried testing to see if it may be the audio focus feature causing this but it is not the case. Any thoughts as to what would be causing this?


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I play music and then skip to the next song. It does it for every song.

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What do you mean by audio dip ?

Since you don’t seem to be using Symfonium EQ you probably have a system EQ that does that.
You can disable system EQ in the EQ settings.

By audio dip I mean the volume of the song is about 50% lower than the actual song volume should be. So when I skip to a new song the volume of the song is about 50% lower for 2 seconds at the start of the song and then comes back to full volume after those 2 seconds.

I disabled system EQ but that has not resolved the issue either.

I did do a direct screen recording to include audio and the issue is not present in the recording so maybe it has something to do with my bluetooth headphones…

What makes it even more interesting is it does not happen when a song ends and goes to the next song. Only happens when I skip to the next song.

How do you listen tp the music? Headphones? How are they connected? Does it also happen when you play back on the device speakers?

Just asking because I experience something similar (kind of a fade-in) with wired headphones connected to the phone through an USB-C-to-headphone-jack adapter. In my case it seems the adapter (basically a cheap DAC) is responsible.

As he says, this is not done by Symfonium.

Same thing is happening to me but with the only difference that when a skipped to the next song sometimes I have no volumen at all.

I tested the 10.1.5 versión and I didn’t have any problems

Open your own issue with logs and details.

I’m having this issue across multiple bluetooth devices. wh-1000xm3, srs-xb33, and a Mazda 3 2013. The issue does not occur when playing music directly through my Pixel 6 Pros speakers.

I also do not have this issue with any other music player apps such as Yourtube Music, Plex, and Plexamp.

Symfonium it self is not really aware of where the sound goes and does nothing differently unless you enable EQ and switch the profile based on the device then it push the profile to the OS libraries.

So it’s down to the OS, even ExoPlayer have no code that could do that.

Are you sure you have not enabled Symfonium EQ or some processors there?

The logs may have not shown it.

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I think I have found a partial solution, I turn off the Process Motor (Motor de procesamiento) options under Equalizer - DSP menu.