Volume change issue after switching from UPnP to local playback

Issue description:

On my new smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A54, Android 13), I have an unwanted effect with the volume change.

When I play something via UPnP, I can change the volume of the UPnP device properly.

When I change to local playback while still playing and then change the volume, not the Symfonium volume modal is shown, but the OS volume slider - but it still is a slider for a remote player (computer icon). The local volume often does not change then. I have to expand the volume slider so I see the different sliders, then manually move the slider for local volume (note icon). The slider for remote volume will change with it in parallel, although not exactly at the same level.

After I did that, I can use the hardware volume buttons again, but they will behave differently (volume jumping in different/bigger steps).

Probably an Android or Samsung One UI issue, but maybe there is a way to work around that?


Sent via email to support mailbox: 20230527_150551


Normal UPnP volume change with Symfonium modal:

(Expanded) OS volume sliders after switch to local playback:

After volume change (both sliders moved in parallel):

The issues only seems to occur when I start playback via UPnP and the switch to local. It does not occur

  • when I start playback locally, then switch to UPnP, then switch back to local;
  • when I start playback via UPnP, stop (long press pause) playback, switch to local, and start playing again. It will occur when I pause (short press pause) before switching though.

Another thing I noticed: when playing via UPnP and putting Symfonium to the background (e.g. going back to Android home screen), the OS volume slider will be shown when I change the volume. The slider moves in smaller steps than the Symfonium modal would (my setting in Symfonium is 5 per step). So e.g. when I lower the volume by six steps (from 100 to 70), the volume on the UPnP device changes as expeted, but the OS slider will only be lowered by about 10%. After some moments, it will jump to the correct level. I think this is the effect I described above as “jumping”.

Ho nice they finally fixed this :slight_smile: Due to a lawsuit with Sonos this function was not working since Android 12.

For the lag there’s nothing I can do the Android send +1 / -1 and I apply the volume steps and tell instantly the new value, but they do not update instantly don’t know why.

For the return to local device will fix, now that it works I can fix.

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The apk seems to have fixed it.

What function was that that did not work?

Volume control when casting outside of the app.

Ah, yes, now that you say it I think I recognized that before that that did not work.