View cover image in original size

Feature description:

Show the cover image of a track/album in full size. It would be nice if that could be done with an easy gesture like double-tapping the image or two-finger zooming.

In my imagination the image should be shown in kind of an overlay with the rest of the current view darkened (lightbox style). It should be movable by dragging it. If possible it could even be zoomable (change size by two-finger zoom/pinch), with minimum value being screen width and maximum value either being 100% zoom, or, if possible, even more (some reasonable limit like 200% or 500%). Another double tap on the image or pinching it to screen width or single tap in the darkened area outside of the image should close the overlay.

If the embedded image is actually smaller than the screen width, then it still should be shown at 100% zoom on double tap (making it effectively smaller than before).

Not sure in which views this should be available - definitely on the NP screen, possibly in all views where an image is shown as a header (album view, possibly artist and genre view).

Problem solved:

Cover images cannot be viewed in their full Glory yet.

Brought benefits:

Aside from a better view if the cover image, this function could also be used to check on the size and quality of the embedded image. A possible further function could be to show dimensions and file size of the image somewhere.

Other application solutions:

Pretty common thing in gallery-like apps, not sure if other music players have it.

Additional description and context:

Nothing to add.

Screenshots / Mockup:

I think you get the idea…

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This is not really possible, the images are not cached at those sizes at it would use tons of storage for 0 benefits.

Ah, I was not aware of that. Of course the audio files might not be available locally, and so the oroginal images are not as well.

Are the images not even available during playback - isn’t the whole file including tags streamed to Symfonium? But even if so, it would be a completely different image handling from the one you are currently doing with the cached images delivered through provider APIs etc…

There’s dozens of cases where the images is not in the tags or different from the tags.
All providers can expose images from for example or other sources, or can support folder.jpg in the root of the folder or or or or :wink:

I see. The matter is more complicated as I initially thought… thanks for the explanation!

I also sometimes feel the itch to zoom in on the covers (I go through the effort of trying to find a 1200+px version for each one after all) but considering how much it would complicate things it’s probably not worth it.

How is resizing of covers currently handled? Are all resized to a fixed size or does it take into account the resolution of the device?

If it doesn’t I think a useful feature would be either letting the user choose a fixed size (like 1080px if the user has a 1080px device) or automatically resizing images to the actual display size on the device (for example 1080px minus padding).

Everything is optimized :wink: So yes the device is taken in account for the persistent cache, then the image are loaded at the proper subsampling when needed in small or big or medium.

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