Vibrations For Drag and Drop?

Would it be possible to add more haptic feedback like vibrations when touching the screen? If not for everything could it at least be setup for the drag and drop option? I use that feature a lot but I found that its hard to tell when I am hovering over the icons for add to playlist or play now. It would be great to get an indicator like a small vibration when you hover over it. Also bonus for adding one when holding down on the album and vibrate when its ready to be moved.


I also miss the drag-and-drop vibration.

Thanks for adding it, but the haptic feedback is way too subtle for my taste. I was about to send a bug report because I thought it did not work. I only started recognising it when I dragged a title back and forth over the four buttons. Can you make it a little more intense?

Not really from Compose, this is the default long press vibration, I guess something else that Samsung broke.

Just confirmed again but I’m using the LONG_PRESS one and the doc says it’s the one

The reject pattern sounds wrong for this.

Then maybe it is my phone… in comparison, it seems to be the same kind of event that happens when I long click on an app icon to drag it around on the phone’s home screen, so it seems correct. But I can actually hear it more than I can feel it - but not with headphones on :wink:

I just got to try it and it does the trick for me! That was super quick thanks a lot! I am also on Samsung with one of this years releases.