Version 2.1.0 beta 2

Version 2.1.0

  • Notes:
    Just a small reminder that Play Store ratings and comments are vital for apps, thanks for your help.

  • Added:
    New option: Hide top filter button.
    New option: Hide cast buttons.

  • Changed:
    Prefer internal decoder option is now on by default as more broken devices than expected and users not reading changelogs. (But big thanks if you do)
    Disabled advanced EQ on Android 9 OPPO devices as their implementation is broken.
    Tweak add host wizard to better explain when the port value is needed or not.
    Removed the abomination that is Glance and returned to normal widgets code. I probably missed some edge case in the transition please report widget issues with details.

  • Fixed:
    Try to not clear the queue when now playing notification is dismissed.
    Properly handle more cases of failed sync to avoid data loss.
    Fix download issue with older Ampache servers.
    Fix possible crash with Subsonic playlist import when the server returns invalid data.