Beta versions - where can I find it?


can you share a link to download beta versions?


I just used Beta Maniac to get my way into the beta :sweat_smile:

Probably not the most ideal way, but hey, it worked haha

You join on Play Store there’s already threads about that.


I looked there, but seems like you don’t accept new beta testers.


According to Google there’s room there. I have no real control after that sorry.

Weird. For me it displays that, there are no slots for new betatesters.
Anyway - can you share an app on google drive or something similar?

No I do not publish APK because now the app is app bundle, beta build have expiration date and this triggers support for nothing.

Just wait for the release.

Ok, makes sense, thanks!
Do you know when the v3 can be expected?

When it’s ready ? :slight_smile: I never give date since after that users are well users :stuck_out_tongue:

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playstore also shows as full for me to
“beta programme is full”

do you actually get any feedback through playstore for beta? as appears is no comments/feedback in the beta threads from users here (or is there also a separate beta forum?)

Those threads are locked so it’s normal no one post there :wink:

The support happens here and many users do report things from the beta yes.

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If anyone wants to use the beta but Google is being dumb, I joined the beta through the Beta Maniac app, so I’d recommend downloading that, join the beta from Symfonium from there, and delete Beta Maniac or something.