Use Tasker to control Symfonium

I set up Tasker to trigger a library sync in Symfonium. As the documentation was not clear to me and as it took me some time to get it running, I want to share my configuration as an example so maybe it might be helpful for someone else to.

Link to the docs:

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Thanks. I had been doing it through Autoinput manually.

I had similar issues with the documentation but ended up finally getting it to work. My settings look identical to yours but it still seems to be hit or miss if it actually runs or not. Often, I find the task doesn’t doesn’t run at all even after a few days (scheduled to run every 4 hours). Have you run into this issue at all?

I didn’t notice issues so far, but I don’t use it for very long yet. What exactly is not running? The Tasker task itself?
Does it fail only when it should run automatically, or also when running the task manually?

I can run manually. Just fails when it’s supposed to run automatically.