UPnP playback "pauses"

Hey, I love the app! However…

I’m a previous DSub user, and that app had quite a few problems with UPnP playback. Symfonium is a lot better is this regard, however, I’m having a few similar, intermittent issues.

First, sometimes playback pauses between songs. Playback may resume by itself after a period of time (10-60 seconds) but it seems like if I push the phone power button (thus activating the screen), playback continues immediately.

Second, and this is an infrequent issue which I had all the time with DSub; it seems like the connection to the UPnP speaker is sometimes lost. The speaker may keep playing the current song, but the app volume controls doesn’t work and the UI doesn’t show playback status. I can’t rule out network issues entirely.

I realize these issues can be hard to debug, but I’ll help any way I can (I’m a Java developer, so I have some relevant knowledge).

Well as a Java developer you are probably aware about documentation and properly filling the template that you deleted :wink:

Provide the necessary logs [Wiki] How to gather logs and open an issue .

For the delay [FAQ] Playback stops randomly / Thumbnails are disappearing :wink:

Haha, I was just like: “wtf, random HTML template” and promptly deleted it :sweat_smile:

But alright, most of my issues are probably related to battery saving. I have a Xiaomi phone :smiling_face_with_tear:
Maybe LineageOS is the way forward.

I’ve done some changes according to the FAQ link and hopefully that’ll solve my issues. If I keep losing connection, I’ll get you some logs :grin: