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firstly, thank you for this fabulous app, I use it every day.

When I connect Symfonium to my receiver and stream music via UPnp everything works perfectly well. If I want to shut down my receiver, I can do that within the Heos app. What then happens is that Symfonium is still running in the background and instantly wakes up my receiver to continue streaming. The only way to avoid that Symfonium is sending the wake up ping is to switch do Upnp from local device and then shut down my receiver.

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Unfortunately not much I can do here, some devices wakes up when receiving any network packet and if you do not stop casting and have a queue Symfonium can check the received status from many different events.

I see, very unfortunate.
Even pausing the song on symfonium won’t work. Does this information have any relevance?

Did you try stopping the playback? (long press pause)

There could still be a packet sent to request the receiver status, or if there’s receiver reconnection activated in settings, anytime the app is restarted, and many other cases.

When you cast to a device you are connected to it, most device when shutdown will no more answer on the requests from Symfonium and Symfonium will pass it offline and stop connecting.

But some devices just restart the device. Maybe there’s a settings inside the device to prevent that?

That works well. Thank you. I wasn’t aware of that function.

Unfortunately there is no such setting in the Heos app. However stopping the playback is a fix I can live with. Thanks for the support