Unique symfonium playlists

Feature description:

Currently Symfonium lets me add a single track multiple times to a same local playlist. Ability to have a playlist which will only allow unique tracks (or ignore duplicate tracks if added again) would help manage offline playlists better.

Problem solved:

My library is moderately huge and I accidently add the same tracks to playlists. I frequently find myself deleting the duplicates. Having the ability to filter out duplicates in a playlist would be a big help

Brought benefits:

Better management of offline playlists

Other application solutions:

Youtube playlists doesn’t allow duplicates in a playlist, if we try to add a track thats already present in a playlist then it would show checkboxes for the playlists if present already

There’s already a discussion about this, some users do want to have duplicates and I did not want to add a setting for this quite specific need.

The current validated solution is that there’s a remove duplicate in the playlist 3 dots menu to clean up the playlists automatically.

This seems to cover most needs.

Thank you, I wasn’t aware of the Remove duplicates option in the playlist menu.
That works for me. Can we show the number of duplicates removed in the toast too.

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Yes I can, will be in next relaese.