Unexpected behavior with synchronized lyrics containing "[offset]"-tag in LRC-files

Issue description:

Hi Tolriq,

while installing synchronized lyrics in my music files I’m ran in an unexpected behavior. I could find out, that it seems to be the use of “[offset]”-tag in LRC-files.

In that post (Cover in lyrics view + offset lyrics timing for playback - #2 by Tolriq) you wrote, that the [offset]-tag of LRC files should be supported. So I implemented this in an LRC-file an it works well in navidrome UI. But when I play this song in symfonium then the lyrics jumps through the lyrics and seemed to ignore this tag or shows an unexpected behavior.

When I remove the offset-tag an manually set the timestamps up, it works as expected.
I could reproduced it at different songs.



As you can see the timestamp from the lyric file and the timestamp from the track jumps apart way to much.

Additional information:

LRC-with-offset-tag-and-issue.txt (2,4 KB)
LRC-without-offset-tag-and-timestamp_manually_corrected_works_great.txt (2,4 KB)

Thanks for the repro, seems I broke it when adding Jellyfin beta lyrics support.

Will be fixed in next release.

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