Cover in lyrics view + offset lyrics timing for playback

Feature description:

Feature 1:
Add album art/cover image to be optionally displayed while in lyrics view.

Feature 2:
Add buttons to adjust the timing of the lyrics on the fly.

Problem solved:

Feature 1:
Some songs have long passages without lyrics (like a drum/piano/guitar solo in a long progressive rock song). Having the option to look at the cover while waiting for the singing to be resumed without leaving the lyrics view would be lovely.
Also for purists who don’t want to see the mini player or the title/artist, there is plenty of screen space available to add the cover without hindering the lyrics readability or functionality, leading to a very clean design with only cover + lyrics occupying the screen.

Feature 2:
Often times the lyrics of a song are not timed perfectly as many providers only match lyrics based on title name and album, not accounting for the fact that on some releases the songs start a few hundred ms or even seconds later or earlier than on others. By adding the option to adjust the offset of the lyrics, such problematic lyrics could be adjusted on the fly (without altering the lyrics files themselves).

Brought benefits:

Feature 1:
An even more versatile and awesome lyrics view that leaves nothing I can currently think of to be desired.

Feature 2:
The option to get a perfect experience even when the lyrics are imperfectly timed (at least if the only problem is a constant offset).

Other application solutions:

Feature 1:
I’m not aware of any other mobile audio player app that has the functionality I described, which would make it even nicer if Symfonium had it.

Feature 2:
Same as for 1. I could only name a few desktop programs that offer the ability to offset lyrics.

Additional description and context:

The lyrics view in Symfonium is already better and more customizable than anything I’ve experienced in any other mobile music player. I like it a lot.
Having the option to display the cover as well as adjusting the timing for the active playback would just make it even more awesome.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Feature 1:

I’ve created a mockup of all possible views without and with the cover visible.

From left to right:
1 looks clean and awesome and should work on pretty much all devices (low or high resolution).
2 and 3 should look okay on high resolution devices and might still work on low resolution devices.
4 (with all possible elements displayed at the same time) looks a bit crammed and would not work on low resolution devices at all.
Which is why I would suggest leaving the option to display the cover off by default. That way people with small resolution devices get a good default experience and people with high resolution devices can enable it if they want to.

Feature 2:

I took the liberty of adding 2 buttons at the bottom to adjust the offset of the currently playing lyrics.
I think the default step in most software that I’ve used was +100ms and -100ms which should be good enough.

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There’s a search button at the top :wink:

Anyway I will not add adjustments to the lyrics, you need to fix the tags on the provider. Adjustments without value saving per song is useless. And well value per song is the role of the tags or the provider.

Symfonium should perfectly understand the [offset:] of LRC files (LRC (file format) - Wikipedia)

For the thumb again I already said no a couple of times as it’s absurd to duplicate the now playing screen in the lyrics screen, lyrics should be visible directly in the now playing screen as more logical. But in that case the only proper place would be at the place of the thumbnail.

With that said I currently have no idea about how to handle all the case of showing the lyrics in every now playing variations so I’ll think about it again, but this will also require a specific landscape lyrics view too…

And please no need to write a novel to explain me that I’m wrong :slight_smile:

I usually use that before creating a post.
The only kind of similar request I found when searching for “cover lyrics” or “art lyrics” is this:
Which is about now playing, not the lyrics view.

And since you added new features to the lyrics view recently anyways (which I like a lot) it would’ve been possible that your opinion on having the cover/album art in the lyrics view as well could have changed.
With artist/title + miniplayer it’s no longer minimalistic anyhow (unless the user chooses it to be, which is a good thing in my opinion).

The idea behind it is being able to make a song with faulty timings “usable” during playback until the user is back at the PC and has time to fix the root issue, which is the tag or lyrics file. Unless the provider has write access to the tag or lyrics file, defining an offset in the provider seems pointless to me as the root issue would persist and re-emerge in all other providers/players.

I wasn’t aware of that. It’s not about duplicating now playing tho. At least not for me. I just think it would be really cool and clean to for example split the lyrics screen 50/50 between cover and lyrics, which should work perfectly in both portrait and landscape mode.
It’s your call tho and you seem to have made up your mind.

I can’t think of a way to work that out without making now playing worse. It currently displays a good amount of information in a clean way.

Imho that would be a downgrade. I think keeping now playing and lyrics view separate is a good thing.
I just don’t think they have to be mutually exclusive (considering the cover/art).

Thanks for that information, I didn’t know lrc files support an offset value. The software I’ve used to correct the timing of lyrics adjusted the actual timestamps instead. I’ll have to test if all my players support the [offset:] way as well.

Sounds complicated, I hadn’t even tried Symfonium in landscape mode as I never use apps that don’t display video in that mode. But I’m sure other people do.

When I tried landscape mode just now I think I found some unwanted behavior for the lyrics view.

Maybe it’s a design choice but isn’t the title supposed to be centered like the artist?

And another thing I noticed:
After changing back to portrait mode, the title scrolls out of frame and doesn’t re-appear.

These are my settings for the lyrics view in case they influence this behaviour.

Too late about the novel part. I type 110wpm on average and try to be as precise as I can with what I write.
I usually don’t try to tell you that you’re wrong tho (the thing about scrobbling being an exception).

A compromise between how I would want things to be in a perfect world and what is reasonable is what I usually try to find.

That being said, it’s fine if you don’t implement the offset or the cover/album art in the lyrics view.
I already like the lyrics view a lot as it is now.

These 2 things would simply have been the cherries on top of the cake.