Unable to play albums (or anything) through Google voice command on Android Auto

Issue description:

I just had the chance to try Android Auto and Google Voice command again. I don’t know what I did wrong, but most of the time it did not work at all (meaning: command was repeated by Google Assistant, and then nothing happened). My intention was to show you the problems I have with playing albums. I started my test with different sentences to instruct Google to play the album “A Kind of Magic” by Queen, which happens to contain a song of the same name. Whatever I say, I always get a cue with several versions of the song, but never the album.

After that I tried some.other albums and even artists, but nothing was played until I gave up and selected something by hand.


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(Imagine me screaming at the [email protected](&!"& Google Assistant…)

Well Google is to blame here not much I can do.

query=kind of Magic Queen queryType=6 genre=null artist=Queen album=Those Were the Days: The Eighties song=A Kind of Magic
query=Album Kaindorf magic Queen queryType=6 genre=null artist=Queen album=Die größten SWR1 Filmhits aller Zeiten song=A Kind of Magic
query=Queen das Album LK end of magic queryType=6 genre=null artist=Queen album=Queen Gold song=A Kind of Magic
query=account of magic queryType=6 genre=null artist=Queen album=Die größten SWR1 Filmhits aller Zeiten song=A Kind of Magic

Google says you requested a song (Type 6) and give the song name, so Symfonium does that.

There’s no other commands reaching Symfonium in the logs so it bugs on Google side before.

Ok, that explains why nothing happened there. I even disconnected and reconnected t Android Auto, but it did not help. Maybe some network problem…

I googled (haha) a little bit, and it seems there is no reliable way to play an album via voice command. I read about different ways users try it, and for some one thing works which for others does not. I tried various variations of “play the album” in the voice commands now, to no avail. I guess the German language setting does not make it easier (it is always funny to hear the when the assistant repeats the English song/album titles with German pronounciation).

But in the end, this is the reason why I am asking regularly for improvements on the touch interface for Symfonium in Android Auto: voice command simply does not work for me.

Thanks for the investigation!