Tracks played double times very often


Since some time now I am facing a problem I did not have earlier.
The problem is : when I select an album and ask Symfonium to play it, it really often plays the same track twice before skipping to next one.

Here is some info :

  • latest Sympfonium used on Android 13 powered by MIUI 14 on mi Pad 5 ;
  • music stored on Emby server ;
  • music transferred to be played on Raspberrry Pi4 with rAudio.

If I am the only one, the problem is on my side and probably not Symfonium related (I have a lot of problems anyways).
If I am not the only one, then this is maybe a “bug” andf I’ll provide logs to try to help ironing it out.


Let me paste again the template you deleted:

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Additional information:


As I said : IF I am the only one, no need to disturb you. That is on my side.
But if not, I’ll take the time to copy/paste it.

Given the problems I have overall, I think the problem is on my side and not Symfonium related.

But was asking here before asking you to waste time on this :slight_smile:

There’s a template for a reason to no make anyone lose time :slight_smile:

There’s no known issues, they are fixed. If you want to ask a random question use the chat.

When the template says:

(They are mandatory, no need to ask if I need them or don’t assume they are not needed for your issue, they are needed.)

And you write I’ll provide if necessary this is obviously not nice to do the opposite.

No one have the same network and setup as you, so no one can answer your question anyway.

Hi Tolriq,


I’ll provide the necessary logs.
But as I said, I am probably alone and this is probably caused by my set-up :slight_smile:

YOu probably have much more important and interesting things to work on :slight_smile:

And I’ll use the “General” channel next time.


OK. So here is the debug file.

It should show that the same track was played twice.

If you want to give it a look.

Regards. (8,8 Ko)

So your UPnP does not return valid data.

You can try to disable the option upnp gapless in the settings to reduce the issue, but it would be better if what you use returned correct metadata for the items.

Hi Tolriq,

Thanks for your answer.

What I use is rune Audio on a Raspberry pi4 in it’s latest form (rAudio-1 by a guy called rern).

I will report this to him also see if there a setting I should enable somewhere on that side.

As a side note I am listening to the same album as the one I was listening to for the log file and that Android software has no problem playing all tracks as they should :frowning: But they not as feature rich as Symfonium and I would like to keep using Symfonium :slight_smile:


As said disable that option it will probably workaround.


I’ll surely do and report here if that works.

I will also try to downgrade rAudio as I had no problems before I think…

Can it be that the problem with that UPNP software is because I added lyrics as .lrc or .txt file AND included that into metadata ?

Sorry to bother you with all these questions…

I can’t know how that software work :slight_smile: