Track and time calculation does not work for compilations in album artists

Issue description:

I have several compilations which have the album artist set. They show up under that artist in the artist list. On the artist page, the overall track and time count does not work though, as these artists are album artists only and have no or sometimes few tracks on the compilations credited to themselves.

The expectation would be that the counter sums up what is shown on the artist page. Instead, there are a couple of albums shown, but the counter says “9 albums, 0:00”.




Different example here, where the artist has a track credited on a compilation belonging to a different album artist:

Additional information:

Well the duration shown is the sum of duration of the tracks credited to this artist.
If you press play it will play that duration.

I do not see why I would display another value that would not match what would be played.

OK, that is an interesting point in usability. I would have expected that in the first screenshot, the listed albums will be played (because I am thinking in albums mostly). But it is as you said. So it makes sense in the end. Still looks funny, as the listed albums might be totally irrelevant for the “play” button on the artistpage (as in the second example).

IMO the play function is the correct one, when I want to listen to an artist I do not expect to have tracks from some other random artists just because they are featured on a bonus track on an album. So the display following it kinda makes sense even if can be controversial.
To play the albums press the album header then play all button.