Toggles to enable/disable a media provider

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hi! first time here & great to see the forum integration w the app!

I have multiple media providers I am evaluating on Kodi, Emby, Jellyfin, Plex & I have multiple instances of each evaluating different platforms (macOS, multiple Linux distros)

I dont see a way to disable a provider:

it doesn’t work to have to delete and readd a provider all the time.

it would be nice to checkmark the providers that are active at any given time otherwise this app is not as useful as it could be in its current state.


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add multiple media providers

To prevent duplicate albums & songs from showing up, you have delete providers & readd them later.

Media provider:

Emby, Plex, Kodi, Jellyfin




The app ask when uploading the file and the issue wizard explains that it’s needed :wink:

I didn’t see the separate feature request link. I don’t know if this platform is flexible enough to allow for different forks.

I updated my post.

Have you noticed that I gave you the answer to your question too ? :wink:

And no platform can prevent people from not reading :slight_smile:

ok we are going off topic here. yes you are correct and please consider a single flow.

I discovered there was a design decision to implement this functionality as a “filter”

I don’t have edit permission to your wiki to update this page:

You might also misunderstand the concept of this setting - because it is a filter. The provider is not “disabled”. Its content is just not shown. But the data is still in the Symfonium database.

yes understood - it is a different way of looking at the world :wink:

it might be good to put in the documentation to redirect those who go to “manage media providers” as this might more intuitive for some & for others, see some providers as mutually exclusive. (there might be a case for having both to keep the UI clean!)