Three dots menu separators

I compared all the different three dots menus. The menu on the now playing screen has sections separated by horizontal lines. No other menu has that, but some are quite long and I think it could help to add seperators to quicker grasp the menu points. Should I propose something here or is this in some way intentional / technically limited?

It depends :stuck_out_tongue: Never killed anyone to propose anything :stuck_out_tongue: (Unless she says no :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :p)

Ok, then let’s go. I made all screenshots with 0.9.14 (except for NP “Clean” style), so I hope they did not change radically And sorry for the German version :wink:

First for the NP screen menus:




I like the general separation with plaback things on top, library functions in the middle, and share at the bottom. Depending on the style, you moved functions into the menu if they are not available on the screen (e.g. add to favorites). For the “Clean” style, the playback speed option is not necessary in the menu because it can be accessed through the NP screen. In the “Default” style, this option is also not in the menu, which is correct.

I mean you could also make the menus the same for every style to have some consistency. I’m fine with both approaches.

Now the menus in lists:

List of genres:

List of artists:

List of albums:

List of tracks:

I think for all these menus I would also make three sections seperated by lines:

  • Playback (play, random, queue next, queue)
  • Library (add to favorites, add to playlist)
  • Offline (Add/remove from offline cache, save in download folder, automatic offline cache)
    So basically a line below “queue” and one below "add to playlis"t. The only thing that does not properly fit then is “details” in the track menu. But on the NP screen menu, that is also near “save in download folder”, so I guess it is fine.

Then there is the album detail menu (three dots on the album cover when you are viewing the album page).

I would seperate the offline stuff (add/remove from offline cache, save to download folder) from the rest. Logically, “remove resume point” is something which belongs to playback, and following the logic of the previous menus it could go to the top of the list and be seperated from the rest. But this is probably not the most sought after menu item here, so it makes sense to leave it as is.

Finally there is the playlist menus:

Normal playlist (in this case imported, but the menu is the same for local playlists):

Smart playlist (this is an album playlist, I don’t know if for a track playlist the menu is different):

Here again I would separate

  • Playback (play, random, queue next, queue)
  • Library (edit smart playlist, rename, delete, add to favorites)
  • Offline (Add to offline cache, auto offline cache)

There are also menus in direct file access, but none has more than five entries, so I would leave them as is.


Folder containing other folders:

Folder containing tracks:


That’s all, did I miss any menu?

May I change my mind ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway yes I’ll add more separators :slight_smile:

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At least for the minimalist view, if tapping the album art doesn’t become the sole way to pause/play (i.e. get rid of the play/stop button on the bottom), I think that middle section pictured above should become its own menu accessible by pressing and holding the album art. Here’s how poweramp handles this situation:

(tbh I’d get rid of the Share thing too. It isn’t very useful?)

That would be a duplicate of the 3 dots menu. I favor consistency in the app for the menus and bottomsheet as recommended pattern now for larger devices.

Just checked on the new separators. Looks good, way more intuitive now. Thanks!

A tangent – Context menus for individual tracks on playlists imported from Jellyfin have only ‘play,’ ‘details,’ and ‘share’ and need ‘go to album’ and ‘go to artist’

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