The app is hidden in play store for Samsung A50

Issue description:

Hi, I’ve realized this awesome app can’t be installed on a Samsung A50 as of 17th Jan 2024.

I searched this support forum and found this thread:

So it’s not the android version, but a specific quirk of that device.
Or maybe a series of devices?

Maybe that article is related:

Quote: “Samsung has stopped releasing software updates to Galaxy A50, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+”

If the updates being stop is not by any means related to the issue - it at least shows that those devices are grouped software-wise.

But maybe the issue is hardware related?

Also - I am unable to use Send/Receive feature - as suggested in the other support thread.

So that leaves me with ONE option - to wait for a fix.

Is there anything I can do to help - maybe help with research or donate some money, besides buying a license.
@tolriq PM me to discuss.

I’m so happy with the app design and features, that I will buy it once for another phone/account and then a 2nd time for the samsung A50 - when/if the app appears in the Play Store.

And then I think I have several more friends/relatives to recommend to…



Upload description: no logs uploaded because app not visible in play store - can’t be installed

Additional information:

 I still wonder - is it a software or a hardware bug. 

Reproduction steps:

 1. Go to play store with Samsung A50
2. search for Symfonium - it is nowhere to be found

Alternative way - open a play store link to app. The install button is disabled and a notice: “this app is not available for your device” shows up.

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More info:
Besides android version and hardware requirements, there are two more possible reasons for the ‘device incompatible’ message in the play store:
-. Geographical Restrictions: Sometimes apps are not available in all regions.
-. Developer Settings: The app developer might have set limitations for device models or brands.

I think the latest released version is 7.2.0, so for next one - please double-check the geo restrictions and maybe some restriction by model/brand ?

Those A50 were best sellers in 2019 so I suppose a lot of people are affected.

The A50 is disabled on purpose yes sorry.

Not much I can do for the moment about it.