Android 11 no longer supported?

Issue description:

Just tried downloading for my wife and play store says her device isn’t compatible? I downloaded it just a few weeks ago so I’m guessing the December update dropped android 11. If that’s not the case I just wanted to bring it up.


Upload description: No logs, play store cant download?

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Reproduction steps:

 Android 11, one UI 3.1, Samsung galaxy A50, no updates available. 

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Android 11 is supported, this is specific thing for A50 for the moment until I can figure out something about it.

does installing the symfonium apk using help? Or will it have issues with licenses?

edit: i think installing from will probably work coz Playstore treats it as app installed from playstore ig

What ended up working was using the send recieve feature in the play store since i already had it downloaded on my phone.

Glad to hear the app will still support android 11!

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