Sync animations do not move anmore

Issue description:

Since recently, the sync animations (pulsating filter symbol, moving circle in filter popup) do not move anymore while syncing. It seems only my Galaxy A51 is affected, not my Galaxy tablet.


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Can you make a video pretty sure it’s just that you don’t see it :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean it is to fast for my old eyes? Let’s see…

Video sent. Sent. Sent.

The sync is instant since there’s nothing to sync. The animation is slow and alpha based.

Long press the sync icon to do a full sync and have time to see it

No, tried that, than I have the same, only longer. Will send logs and corresponding video.

No need for logs nothing to be seen there for that

Ok, I now have a screen recording of the wheel not moving for one minute before it disappears again. Should I really send that?

Yes please :slight_smile: please please please

On the way. I went back to the home screen from time to time to keepnit entertaining :grinning: Also tried it with a different theme just to make sure, but same result.

Just tried it with the Galaxy Tab A8 for confirmation, there it works properly.

Do you know how recently?
And just in case have you changed animation settings in your phone developer options?

No, I did not change anything like that. Looked through the developer settings, there are three options like “Window animation factor”, “Transition animation factor” and “Animation duration factor”, all set to off. But as I said, I did not change those.

I would say it occurred during the v2.0 alpha/beta tests, but I am not 100% sure when exactly.

Well something did.

The default values are 1x, at off you disable animations.

Very early release of compose ignored that settings but since June it’s taken in account

Very interesting! Set them to 1x, everything is moving again.

What could change these settings? The only thing I could think of and I have installed is a battery saving app from Samsung… will look into its settings.

And thanks, btw.!!!

Do you have the exact name of the application and can this “feature” be disabled in it?

For documentation for the others.

I thought it might be the “Good Guardians” app which has a component called “Battery Guardian”. But there is no setting in there that indicates such a thing. It seems to work more on hardware (lowering display light and turning off display early) and power management (putting apps to sleep more easy) level.

I cannot think of any other app which might have done this. Depending on when the version of Compose respecting this feature was rolled out with Symfonium, it is of course possible that these settings are like that for a long time.

I just realised that my Play Store showed strange animations for quite some time when updating apps. Usually you have a turning circle, but I had three not so proper moving dots lately. This is fixed now as well. It has been like this I would say at least since the summer or spring…

Symfonium does that since compose do so June. Let’s see if that app activate that again.

I now think maybe I did disabled these settings on purpose some time ago. I remember I got annoyed by the rubber band effect that occurs when scrolling to the end of a page/view (in any app). This was introduced maybe with Android 11? And I think I sought after ways to disable that back then. So probably these settings were off all the time using Symfonium, and it only showed once Compose adhered to the settings.

I just realised that because I am now annoyed again by the effect after having forgotten about it. To a lesser extent now, luckily.