Symphonium transcode's all files from Funkwhale

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I have setup Airsonic, Navidrome, and Funkwhale servers serving the same content. When using Airsonic and Navidrome and setting mobile connections to a max of 320kbps, the transoding only happens for larger files. When I have the same settings with Funkwhale it transcodes every single file. Is there a setting I can change on either Symphonium or my server (if you know of it) that will correct it to only transcoding the files that are needed?


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Need to see with Funkwhale support, Symfonium just send the maxBitrate value what the server do after is at server discretion.

Thank you for the quick reply. I wasn’t sure exactly how the requests to the server worked.

Thank you again. I just tested D-Sub on the same server and it only seems to transcode the files above 320kbps when i request that bitrate. On symphonium all files are being converted to OGG/Opus

Then use dsub :slight_smile:
They probably do some check themselves to workaround the server issue. This is not how Symfonium works, specially since I created OpenSubsonic to fix all those API issue, and hopefully will have a proper transcoding API at some point.

So you’ll refund me then?

There’s 15 days trial, the app works with all normal supported server, Funkwhale is full of bugs and have no reacted on a few issues I made there.

But somehow you want a refund?

I guess this was expected…

Sorry that you can’t see that it’s a Funk whale bug, I 'm sure you feel good now :slight_smile:

Ho and of course the best part …

D-Sub last update is 2020 … One day I will understand people, maybe …

Ho sorry, you assault me for false reasons and I dare to show your actions. What a bad people I am…


Lol, how wrong can someone be when he says “Don’t expect active development”…? There were so many releases lately that I almost get annoyed :wink:

Specially to complain about a bug in another app badly maintained with no support and using an app without updates since 4 years …

As I said I’ll never understand peoples. So many lies and contradictions and yet he’s persuaded that he’s logic…