Support multiple years per albums

Feature description:

First mentioned here on what I thought was a bug.

I understand that it is low priority, but thought I’d post a separate feature request in case other user are also wanting this.

Problem solved:

For me, albums all have the same “DATE”, but for a few albums that are compilations of many albums, the “ORIGINALDATE” varies on a song-by-song basis. The current behaviour is to pick one song’s original date tag as representative of the entire album. This leads to songs in boxsets or compilations to be displayed under the wrong year in the library.

Brought benefits:

In boxsets or compilations where songs are from a span of many years, it allows people to browse / search their library by year more fine-grained than on a per-album basis. It is also a little confusing when Symfonium chooses one year as representative of an entire album that spans over many years.

Other application solutions:



Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


As I said in the other thread I won’t do it that way, if I do something is supporting multiple year per albums.

Not all providers expose years for both songs and albums, showing an album that says year = 1990 but was found via 2010 is not clear for users too.

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