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If I have an album with songs spanning multiple years, Symfonium will correctly identify the year of each song (in the details page). However, when browsing by year, Symfonium will incorrectly group all songs in the album into one year.

For example, I have a boxset of 3 albums whose releases span 3 different years. The entire album has the same “DATE” tag (2012), but different “ORIGINALDATE” tags (2007, 2008, 2009). Looking at each song’s detail, it correctly identifies year from the original date tag (2007 in the screenshot below). However, if I browse by year in my library, the entire album is listed under only 1 year (2008).


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That year view only show the albums years and since years only have 1 year it’s normal behavior.

The album year is currently the year of the first song detected for the album there’s probably room to improve but no idea what would be the “best” choice here.

Okay. I guess then, a feature request would be to make the year more fine-grained than on a per-album basis. But if you aren’t going to change the year to be more fine-grained than per album, then (at least considering my use of the app), I don’t think there is an improvement to be made.

(If you would like me to make a separate thread to request the feature request, I can.)

The year is passed down as a filter to find the album and since an album have just a year, showing more years would not work.

And filtering albums on the song years would lead to users not understanding why albums are shown in years when the interface says the album year is something else.

You can open a feature request to support multiple years per album, but since the data is currently store with the album and as an integer this is not a small change so it will be very low priority.

A feature request has been posted here: