Support for local network addresses like DSub

When adding servers on DSub, it has the option to set a local network ssid and address for each media provider. So it can use the local network to access the server when you are at home, while still having access via a reverse proxy when outside.

Would it be possible to add something similar to Symfonium?

Sorry there’s no plans for that, Google require fine location permission to access SSID I refuse to add that.

Most router support reentrant NAT, and for the other cases DNS views / host masquing solve the issue. Everyone should have a pi–hole or equivalent for privacy at home :slight_smile:

And the last ressort is to add 2 media providers in Symfonium and enable the source filter only online provider that will ensure the switch between them. Symfonium cache is smart and image / offline file cache will be share between them.


There should be two IP addresses (like DNS) while setting up online media providers. That way if one address (local) is unaccessible, the app would try to access the second address

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I’d like to see a feature like this too to be able to add local IP and DNS name/external IP. Is there a guide for this? I haven’t found info. regarding “reentrant NAT” or “DNS views / host masquing” yet to facilitate this behavior.

Loopback NAT: What is NAT Loopback? - Home Network Community
DNS Views:

There’s other solutions, but it’s all network related on your specific setup and out of support here.

If you can’t manage anything at the network level then the Symfonium way is to add 2 providers with the 2 different configuration and enable the filter Only online providers. The image and offline cache is shared and since you can’t be connected to both everything works.

I don’t have access to my router, so I have a tunnel to my pi. But I can’t use the address bc there’s no port and the app won’t let me not have a port entered. How do I get around this? In fact, symphonium doesn’t seem to like the address that ngrok, loophole or whatever uses. They all tell me they can’t connect. Am I doing something wrong?

Open your own issue with logs.

Symfonium support no port if you enter a proper url, if you only enter an IP then yes it requires a port there’s no magic in networks :slight_smile:

As the wiki says: http is 80 https is 443. Can’t tell more without actionable details.

Well I can tell you that putting in a url doesn’t work because symphonium won’t let me save it, saying I have to put in a port number. I can post my own thread, how do I view logs?

If you had opened your own issue you’d have know as there’s a nice template.

And yes putting an url is supported obviously, unless you enter it wrong or have a very very old release.

But I can’t guess thing as you do not give any detail.

I can’t post a topic bc new users can only post 2 links lol. I guess the logs have links in them?

Whats-App-Image-2023-08-24-at-14-47-37 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB here’s my screenshot. I’d post logs but there’s nothing in there and I can’t anyway

I wonder how the hundreds of other users did manage it then …

Anyway you are trying to edit an host, not add one … In that case yes you can’t enter an url, and as explained already and in the doc the port for https is 443 …

The help on the field explains ip and port, unlike the wizard that says it can handle urls.

So enter your loophole ip and 443 in the port.

But the wizard is there to assist you in adding an host, if you edit one you are supposed to already know how it works and read the doc.

Sounds like a bug then. You’re right, it does work adding a new server. I was just editing the one that is my local wifi ip that was using the port. Thank you

This is not a bug, this is how the configuration is handled to manage all the uses cases that other apps don’t.

I does work when editing, I know people do not really understand networking and everything but https is a port and it’s 443 by default.And http is 80 it’s just that browsers have decided to hide it for simplicity.