Support for local network addresses like DSub

When adding servers on DSub, it has the option to set a local network ssid and address for each media provider. So it can use the local network to access the server when you are at home, while still having access via a reverse proxy when outside.

Would it be possible to add something similar to Symfonium?

Sorry there’s no plans for that, Google require fine location permission to access SSID I refuse to add that.

Most router support reentrant NAT, and for the other cases DNS views / host masquing solve the issue. Everyone should have a pi–hole or equivalent for privacy at home :slight_smile:

And the last ressort is to add 2 media providers in Symfonium and enable the source filter only online provider that will ensure the switch between them. Symfonium cache is smart and image / offline file cache will be share between them.

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