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The software is working perfectly, but I’ve encountered an issue. When I try to add an SMB source, entering works fine, but if I add, it gives an error “Failed to retrieve media source”. However, in MX Player or ES File Manager, this address works perfectly.

I’ve set up internal network penetration on my NAS. In MX Player, accessing the domain name with the port works fine, but it doesn’t work in Symfonium. Thank you very much for your response. The logs have been uploaded -cwater.

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SMB has a well-known Port (445), why would you want to add one (especially if it works without)?

In China, most people don’t have public IP addresses. I’ve been using an internal network penetration service to enable access from outside the local network. MX Player works fine, but Symfonium can’t access it. So, I wanted to test if adding the port would enable normal usage.

The port is indeed not needed don’t enter it.
You say just entering the IP works and the logs you uploaded work. So what is your issue ?

For example, I have a domain: “music。cwater。cn” and I’ve mapped port 4002 to local port 445, like this: “music。cwater。cn:4002” → Then, works fine in MX Player and ES File Manager, but it doesn’t work properly in Symfonium.

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Ok so you actually want to use a specific port :slight_smile: You should have started by that.

Next version will support that.