[Subsonic/Funkwhale] Improper recent listenings logging

Issue description:

My Funkwhale server logs my listening activity and then scrobbles it to last.fm. The problem is when listening to music in Symfonium it always does it incorrectly, mainly that sometimes one stream counts as two and when playing a song on repeat it does not log that, as if I never listened to the song in the first place. Listening through Funkwhale’s web interface works fine, so the problem lies within the app


debug-20220818_130253.zip (59.4 КБ)

In the example above I played one song about 3 times on repeat and then another one 4-5 times on repeat. Funkwhale node logged no activity. When having a queue of different songs however it works fine, more or less.

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Note to everyone.

Stop thinking that because something does A and something else does B that it’s always the fault of B …
This is really annoying to the dev.

Typically Funkwhale have it’s own API that it use for the web interface and the Subsonic API that Symfonium use.
Both API can work differently inside Funkwhale and the issue can be there due to that. (Remember there’s issues opened there about that …)

Hmmm, I tested this issue with other clients and they all seem to have the same problem EXCEPT substreamer. Could that be the way the streaming session is handled in the client? Also if you need to test anything pls let me know

This is low priority, but if you can provide logs from Funkwhale when playing from that app and from Symfonium to see the diff it could help.