Streaming to KEF LSX Speakers using DLNA not working

Issue description:

I am unable to stream to my KEF LSX Speakers using DLNA on Symfonium. It works in other audio apps for example DS Audio (by Synology) works fine. I really love the Symfonium app and would love for DLNA to work with KEF LSX. I have other speakers in my home as well that Symfonium is able to stream to just fine using DLNA so it seems to be purely related to Symfonium and KEF LSX. I have provided logs and a video showing the issue below. Sometimes when I select the speakers in the Symfonium app the speakers turn on, sometimes they don’t and I have to manually turn them on, but audio always refuses to play.


debug.log (389.5 KB)

Video: (if the page stays blank, you may need to refresh it’s a cache issue)

Were you able to play from subsonic on that domain name to those speaker?

Can you try to add your server with it’s lan ip if it’s inside your lan just to remove https certificate issues as often the case with those kind of devices?


Thanks for your reply.

Yes I was able to stream to my other speakers just fine via I just added my subsonic server via local IP just in case to test if that fixes it but I have the same issues with local IP.

Ok so I guess I’ll have to reimplement the controlling of alternative dlna flags. I so much hate this protocol :frowning:

If you need me to test, hit me up. We can share the pain. :slight_smile:

app-beta-final.apk (5.5 MB)

Try attached APK and uncheck the alternative upnp flags in advanced settings. (Before selecting your kef)

Song on the left is https domain, right side is local.
Same issue although it acts differently with the local one.

See this video: Jun 09, 2022 | Synology Photos

I’ll need new logs with both cases.

Do you have bubbleupnp ? If it works with those it’s logs can help me figure out what it does not like in the flags.

What is bubbleupnp? Never heard of it.

It’s an upnp dedicated app you can try to cast some local media on your phone (a flac to have the same setup) and provide it’s logs.

Streaming to my KEF’s works fine using BubbleUPNP. Do you still need logs from BubbleUPNP?

Yes I need to know the flags they use to use the same :slight_smile:

I know the author and we have an agreement on another app :wink:

I’m totally lost in this app. Do you know where I can find/toggle logs?

It’s in settings/control/ at the bottom logging to file. (38.3 KB)

Meap’s Speakers = my KEF’s and I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra if that helps.

Hum it’s the same I send when the alternative is unchecked.

Can you provide Symfonium logs with the new APK from both providers ?

Sure, here you go: Synology Drive (file was too big)

Please test new APK and provide new logs.

app-beta-final.apk (5.5 MB)