Sort albums by release year on artist page

Feature description:

I’m running Navidrome as a server to Symfonium. I’d like to be able to sort albums by release date on artist page (instead of original release date). I understand that the Subsonic API does not yet have release date exposed in the API, but I’d like to open a feature request in case this changes in the future.

Problem solved:

Be able to easily differentiate re-releases from original albums in the album list.
be able to sort albums by “real” release year instead of original release year.

Brought benefits:

A 2017 remaster of a 1998 album won’t show up as a 1998 release in the album list.

Other application solutions:

Navidrome partially solves this by showing both the original release year and the “new” release date of the remaster, though, as I understand, it doesn’t need the Subsonic API to do so.

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup: