Sort albums by release year on artist page

Feature description:

I’m running Navidrome as a server to Symfonium. I’d like to be able to sort albums by release date on artist page (instead of original release date). I understand that the Subsonic API does not yet have release date exposed in the API, but I’d like to open a feature request in case this changes in the future.

Problem solved:

Be able to easily differentiate re-releases from original albums in the album list.
be able to sort albums by “real” release year instead of original release year.

Brought benefits:

A 2017 remaster of a 1998 album won’t show up as a 1998 release in the album list.

Other application solutions:

Navidrome partially solves this by showing both the original release year and the “new” release date of the remaster, though, as I understand, it doesn’t need the Subsonic API to do so.

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Thanks for the quick implementation! However it doesn’t seem to fix my issue. I may have explained myself the wrong way.

How would I be able to sort by the Date tag? It seems that Musicbrainz put the Release Date in the Date tag according to the bottom note of this page, which seem to fit with the tag I’m seeing in Kid3.

For compatibility reasons the date tag gets filled with the release date from MusicBrainz. This is how most software interprets this tag. Since Picard 2.9 the separate releasedate exists for use by scripts and plugins, but is not filled by default.



You are using Navidrome, Symfonium does not read tags but the data it returns.

I think @deluan have docs about how he handles tags.

Sticking with your example, year and releasedate should be 2017, while originalreleasedate should be 1998. Year is only the year, while releasedate might be something like 2017-10-24, which allows more detailed sorting. What are you still missing?

Would adding a date sorting option be possible, since Musicbrainz Picard seems to be using this tag instead of releasedate?

Navidrome provides the data through the Subsonic API to clients, and Symfonium reads the data through this API. date is not exposed by the (Open)Subsonic API, only year and (for OpenSubsonic, a new version of the API) originaldate. It depends on the server which file tags are used to fill this data, but I guess most will take the year out of date and expose it as year, and take originaldate for the original date.

So if you want your remaster sorted in at 2017, sort by year (but albums within the same year are sorted by album title then, not by release month). If you want it at 1998, sort by Original Relase Date. Sorting by Release Date will bring you nothing as long as your music is on Navidrome. That option can only be used if your files are parsed locally by Symfonium (i.e. if they are on your smartphone or some other file-based provider like WebDAV, Samba, DropBox etc.), and of course if they have the releasedate tag filled.

Thank you for the detailed explanation! I’ve already tried to sort it by year in the past, but without the expected result. I still get both albums to show up as 1998:

Honestly I don’t really mind having the remaster show up as 1998, I find that my main gripe is that there’s no easy way to differenciate a remaster/re-release from the original. Maybe it could be nice to either have the musicbrainz_albumcomment or have both the year and year of the originaldate on the artist page?

This is more a Navidrome issue here. Symfonium use the data that the provider sends.

If they both show 1998 then Navidrome sends that.