Solarized Custom Theme

Light and Dark custom themes based on Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized colors.

You can either use the “Solarized” file to be able to automatically switch between dark and light mode using Android system settings. Or use the “Solarized (dark)” and "Solarized (light) files to be able to manually chose the mode to be used.

Solarized.json (2.8 KB)

Solarized (dark).json (1.5 KB)
Solarized (light).json (1.5 KB)

Note: You can only install one custom theme at a time, so keep all the files on your device to be able to switch between them by using “Install custom Theme”.

Home Screen:

Album list:

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Source filter:


Very tasteful colours! Well implemented, and a welcome deviation from the usual “dark background + accent colour” pattern.

Yes nice themes that are not too specific to some taste, so could definitively be added in the integrated app theme list.

@Snaptags Would you allow those themes to be integrated in the app?

Yes, feel free to use the themes for the App.

I could not test all the color values, though. For instance, I did not find secondary, tertiary and error colors anywhere in the app, so no guarantee they harmonize well :slight_smile:

Only the colours on the sources drawer could be optimised - not sure if that can be changed separately, but the “card” background is neither visible for active nor inactive sources:

For comparison: Black theme:

@splinter Thanks a lot, a missed that probably because I only had the Local provider configured. I did add a Kodi source now and fixed the colors. But for me the colors for “online Kodi” and “offline Kodi” are always the same.

I updated the Theme in the first post and added Source filter examples.

How can I set a source as “inactive” like FluffyPie in your screenshot?

That’s what I was about to report.

You can just click on the card to put it in hidden mode.

The hidden mode seems to just add some transparency to the card background, so it actually already works using the updated theme files.

Excellent! Looks good in both dark and light mode. Thanks for the quick fix!

@Tolriq Build 971 has the theme in the release notes, but not in the “choose theme” dialog :frowning:

It says color scheme, you select from the color option.

Allows control over dark/light mode.

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My bad. It’s there and looks just like it should. Thanks for adding it!

@Snaptags thanks for cooking this up. I’ve been a Solarized guy for years so it’s cool to have it on Symfonium as well.