Slight UI tweak, titlebar

Just propose a small UI tweak.

It would be swell to have this proposal, where the titlebar disappears

Currently it’s grey

Please respect the template …

Anyway I have no idea what you are talking about. What do you mean by title bar?

Ooops, sorry.

Well this is the existing UI for me (the grey bar at the top)

I don’t know what it’s called in Android, but I think it would be cleaner for the titlebar to disappear?

This is the status bar, and no sorry I can’t make it fully transparent else when you scroll it would be a garbage of a mix of the status bar content and the app content.

If/When Google fixes the statusbar/cutout handling in Compose there will be an option to fully hide the status bar inside the app, so no time / icons and no garbage issue.

Duplicate of Add "hide status bar" option

No worries, alternatively I guess it could porentially be the same color as the background color of the app in the interim.

Anyway, thanks for putting a name to that bar!

There’s contrast and readabilitty issues after, the only control over the status bar text/icon is white / black.

Google will fix it at some point and I’ll be able to add the option.