Add "hide status bar" option

Not much more to say here. it’s a pretty great feature on other players giving us more of a full screen experience.

I guess you mean immersive mode like full screen games?
Maybe add a screenshot about what you mean.

I saw a screenshot with it enabled here My QoL improvements - #3 by burt2981

It hides the top bar with the time/notifications on pretty much every screen except for settings.

Yes it’s called fullscreen like in games it also hide the bottomnavigation / gesture bar.

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is this relevant here? How to Customize Status Bar in Jetpack Compose?

I should mention that this would just be for the now playing screen, no so much the other screens. That way the album art is the top-most thing you see.

This is the blocking part, already often pinging to unstale the issue :wink:

Oh that’s infuriating! Thanks for your persistence.