Skip to prev/next track starts at resume marker

I have a track that I stopped before (let’s say at 2:00), so it has a resume marker. I resumed that track, then wanted to try headset button. Clicked twice, second track starts (at 0:00). Clicked three times, the first track plays, but contiues at the original resume time (2:00). This works even when

  • I let the first track play until 3:00, then hit the button twice (second track, 0:00), and then hit the button three times (first track, 2:00).
  • I let the first track finish, let the second track begin and then hit the button three times (first track, 2:00).

It works also when jumping forward and the track jumped to has a resume marker. And you can also use the buttons on NP screen instead of the headset buttons.

If you want logs I can try to reproduce this tomorrow, currently the logs for the offline cache sync are still running. This will be in there, but maybe hard to find…

Yes logs would be nice but I may be able to repro tomorrow.

It is buried somewhere in the logs I sent for the cache issue (20220323_223515).

If you need me to dedicatedly replicate just let me know.