Skip marked Tracks

Feature description:

It would be nice to have a feature to mark a track as ‘to skip’. Then it won’t be played in album/artist playbacks, i.e. not added to playback queue.

Problem solved:

Some Albums contains skits, interludes, outros our other extras, one might to skip while listening to music.

Brought benefits:

Don’t have to skip such tracks manually, which is not always possible (doing sports, etc.). Especially in such moments you often want uninterrupted music.

Other application solutions:

Spotify has similar features in “exclude from your taste profile” and “hide this song”

Additional description and context:

I use a subsonic backend. I don’t think there is a dedicated api function, maybe it could utilize another function, maybe tags, etc.

Screenshots / Mockup:


Why not remove those from the library?

Mhm, then albums would be incomplete.
I’d use the feature as well for songs I dont like to listen in the same frequency as others. I’d do this on the go (i.e. undesireable song starts playing, mark it as ‘to skip’). Managing the (remote) library is rather hard on the go. Would not work with a shared library either.

Spotify has similar features in “exclude from your taste profile” and “hide this song”

I asked, because I was expecting this answer. Typical music collector syndrome, don’t want to listen to this or that, but the collection has to be complete :joy:

I think I would appreciate such a feature myself, and I used it extensively in iTunes, e.g. for the unnecessary bonus track, or for “alternate take 3” on many jazz records. It really belongs to the library though, because then unwanted tracks would not even be offline cached, and you will lose the information on a different playback device if it is stored on the player side only (think of a smartphone change). But I know it is not possible with any of the media providers without removing songs from the library.

Let’s see what the man thinks about it.

This topic falls into a similar category as those pesky “hidden” bonus tracks that begin with a couple of minutes of silence before the music part starts.
I regularly fight the itch to go into an audio editing tool and delete the silence, but my inner collector wins and the tracks remain unaltered.
Luckily my main player (musicbee) supports a playback progress wavebar which reveals such “hidden” tracks at a glance. That enables me to easily jump to where the actual music starts.

Personally I think the only way to implement this functionality without major friction would be on a per user level.

Let’s say I hate the remix bonus tracks on the pirates of the caribbean soundtrack albums (oddly specific, ikr?) but my sister loves them (she doesn’t)?
If I set them to be skipped on a library level (via a custom tag “skip” for example), they would also be skipped for her, resulting in unpredictable (maybe she doesn’t know this option exists) or unwanted (I want them to be skipped, she doesn’t) behavior.

At least for collections with multiple users that skip flag would have to be volatile and/or on a per user basis, otherwise problems arise. That’s also the reason why I dislike storing song ratings in the tags of the files. Maybe I love a song but my father thinks it’s mediocre etc.? We could change the rating around all day long.

I never thought this was a relevant use case.

You can already rate the songs 1 star and they won’t be used in the mixes.

The problem about not hiding the songs is that you want 2 different things at the same time.

You want complete albums but don’t want to play all the tracks, but then how do you play a full album when you actually want to? You can’t.

If you press play on an album it should play all the tracks of the album as expected.

If there’s songs you don’t like you rate them 1 and they are ignored in the mixes.

I don’t see a way that could do everything correctly not talking about the fact that no provider support that so it would be device specific.

I was not aware of the 1star mixes behaviour. i’ll give it a try, maybe its enough for my usecase.

I mean there would probably be a way to check the queue if the entire album (or at least the current track + the rest of the album) is present (and in order) and use that to differentiate between “skip mode” and “album mode” (in a way like album gain vs track gain) but I doubt it’s worth the effort since this:

remains true.
I just noticed that this approach would also not work correctly if the first track of an album was marked to be skipped.