Show off your home screen!

As you might have noticed, since version 8.0 (just released as beta) you can fully configure the Symfonium home screen. This thread is intended to inspire users about what is possible now if they dig a little into the home screen configuration. And it is a call to YOU to share your ideas and proudly present (and maybe explain a little) your home screen design.

I will start with my own configuration, which is not overly inventive, but highlights some new features. I am an album-oriented listener, and I do not use favorites at all, so it’s mostly album lists here:

As I tend to listen to the same albums or artists multiple times, I start with the list of the eight last played albums. I use the “Grid (Image)” display, because I don’t need artist/title names when I recognize the cover image, and the space is limited.

Next I have the usual scrollable row of paused albums (now called “Continue album listening”). It is a little superfluous because for the most part it contains the same albums as “last played”. I am still experimenting with that. I used a smaller heading for this part to give the impression that this and the previous section belong together. The option to underline the section headings contributes to structuring the home page.

Then come the shortcuts. At this position they are located at the bottom of the smartphone screen when I open the app, so quite convenient for one hand usage. I decided for the eight most important shortcuts - I use only genre most of the time anyway :slight_smile: But I put everything necessary here so that I don’t need a main navigation bar at the bottom anymore (you can turn that off if you disable all navigation tabs), which saves even more space.

Often enough I want to listen to what I added last to my library, so that is the next section. After that comes the discovery section where I want to get urged not to listen to the same albums over and over again :wink: I worked with small headings again to combine three sections to one block. Besides the “rediscover” and “random” album lists, another very cool new feature comes handy here: you can use a playlist as a custom section on the home screen now! As I want to listen to more classical works, I created a smart playlist with ten random classical albums, and linked it here (three dots on playlist, then 'Add to home page", and then configure the new section in Settings → Interface → Home page). The random list updates every time I return to the home screen, and I made the cover images a little bigger (size “normal” vs “small” everywhere else), so I am really pushed to look here.

The last section is for statistics: the most played eight albums and top ten songs, the latter as a list, which makes more sense for songs…

I hope this post makes you look into and cherish the new customization options. Let me and everyone see how you used them to serve your own preferences!


Thanks for this!

Can’t wait to dig deeper into the new!!

Here is my homepage. It consists of last played, recently added albums and most listened songs along with random albums. I prefer it in this specific order :stuck_out_tongue:. Haven’t played around much but will do later

Nothing fancy, my fav playlist followed by the 20 recently added albums and then what I listened to last and a top 10 of what I listened to most (in Symfonium/Jellyfin, LastFM statistics show quite a bit more).

When not showing the header there’s a wee bit too much vertical padding for my taste (see above and below “Lieblingssongs”). Otherwise I’m happy with how it turned out.

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BTW I don’t know if you have seen but you can control spacing in the final build :wink:


Thanks for letting me know. While playing with that I started out by killing my existing config by hitting “Apply to all” after changing one padding option, yay me.

Then I noticed a UI bug while configuring the settings to restore and adjust my previous config.

Notice how the app goes behind the control buttons at the bottom? I think that introduced a vertical input offset.
To configure the button with the red dot, I had to touch the screen where the blue dot is.
I can reproduce that with logging on if you need me to.

Another minor thing I noticed is that the spacing seems a bit inconsistent between different types of lists/grids.

This is the padding between the header and the items in grid mode with “extra small” front padding (43px from bottom of text to top of image):

To achieve visually the sameish padding for a list, I had to set the front padding to “none”. It’s still a bit bigger tho (48px from bottom of text to top of image).

Except for that I’m happy with the new final result tho:

You should just be able to scroll more the page is edge to edge so it’s normal that it scroll under.

I’d need a video to better understand.

For the padding it’s kinda normal as the list view reuse other components and have a padding top/bottom internal to each lines. That’s would be too much work to maintain something specific for a few pixels sorry.

Never mind then, it’s very minor anyhow.

Funny enough I couldn’t repro it at the exact same place, h̶o̶w̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶i̶n̶s̶t̶a̶n̶t̶l̶y̶ ̶f̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶:
Turned the video into a gif to be able to upload it. Looks kind of shabby but should be enough to understand what I mean.

This is different just the cancel button not working will fix;

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Then I can’t reproduce it. Maybe it was just my phone acting up. Loving the new customizations btw., sorry for the false alarm. :smiley: