Show likes next to the tracks

Hello, I think it would be nice if there would be hearts next to the songs that I liked before in the app, similar to what Funkwhale app does (see screenshot), cuz I sometimes just go through albums I listened before and tweak the liked music as I see fit, and having to play them before editing is a bit annoying.

You can add / remove from favorites from the 3 dots menu everywhere including on albums / artists even if the subsonic server does not support it.

That’s not what I meant, I’d like to be able to see which ones I liked and which ones I did not without having to go into a 3-dot menu nor via playing the track. Just want to open an album or a playlist and see the hearts on those tracks that I have liked before

In album view there’s no images to display the favorite overlay and having an ugly dedicated button on each row would not fit.

What I can offer is a favorite only filter like in the other lists.

Hmmmm, how about an option for showing what’s liked an what’s not instead of a track length, for example? For me it’d be much more important but also could suit everyone but having an option to turn it on or off. Attached an example how could it look (a bit janky but I hope you get the idea)

The question is really about the purpose and what you want to achieve, what already exist in another app is not necessarily the best way to handle the need. You are just used to something that partly fit it.

Having a favorite only filter as in other screen would mean that clicking a song by default would queue all the favorited songs automatically and only shows the favorited ones. It’s better default action it reduce the amount of data to quickly find the track you want too. So for the majority of the known needs it’s a more natural way to do this.

My goal is to not to sort out what I like in the album and what not entirely, but to be able to see the likes at the first glance, without having to iterate through each track, ticking likes on an off, cuz it gets quite annoying. Maybe I’ve heard this album before and I already know what’s good and what isn’t, and such feature helps me save some time there. Also it becomes easier to navigate albums like so I see the last thing that I liked and perhaps continue from there

Even if I add an indicator it won’t be clickable to toggle so I’m really not sure what need it address except your very specific way to do things. Let’s see if others have something to say.

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I do not use favorites at all, so if anything is shown I hope it is purely optional :wink: So a display of inactive and active hearts as in screenshot #1 would probably annoy me. If it is done more as in screenshot #2 I would not care, because I would never see the hearts.

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