Settings - Advanced settings


  • Some settings may not be available on all Android version and some may only be visible when other related settings are enabled.
  • The application evolve frequently and in some cases the documentation can be late, just leave a message in the chat if you find an issue with the docs.


Debug mode

Enable Symfonium powerful logging system to help support diagnose your issues and fix them. See How to gather logs and open an issue
This mode can generate very large logs and slow down the application a little to write them. Please only enable it when you have issues.

Share logs with support

Open your email client with the last generated logs directly prepared to be send to support.
If you cancel the operation you can use the Manage Symfonium generated files to send the proper one.

Manage Symfonium generated files

List and manage all the files that Symfonium can generate, like backups, logs and ANR reports.
You can easily delete them or save/export them.

Don’t kill my app

Open to get some useful information about how to fix some devices bad behavior that can prevent Symfonium to properly work in the background.


UPnP gapless support

When enabled and your UPnP device advertise support, Symfonium will try to use gapless playback on UPnP.
Some devices do not properly support this despite advertising support. Disabling this option will solve most wrong track played issues.

UPnP alternative flags

Some devices do not understand all the UPnP flags, and may requiring enabling or disabling this option. (This is rare)

Ignore remote stop commands

Some cars send a stop command when stopped. Without the multiple media queues option enabled this means that your queue is removed. Enable this option to ignore the stop command and consider it a pause.

Bluetooth lyrics

Enable to display synchronized lyrics on Bluetooth devices by updating the song title with the actual lyrics in real time.

Expert equalizer mode

Enable the option to activate more settings to the equalizer, like manual control of every band (up to 256) and more compressor / limiter options.

Equalizer block size

This setting impact the CPU usage and precision of the equalizer. Increase the value to improve precision and decrease the value is you have audio skip.

Reset AutoEQ database

Symfonium download the AutoEQ database to a local cache. This clear the cache and allows you to update the database.

Pause playback on task removal

Enable to pause the playback when you remove the task from Android. Please note that some devices might trigger this at unwanted times.


Cache storage location

If you have an external SD Card, you can select it here to store the offline media and the image cache there.

Persistent image cache

By default Symfonium cache the provider images in it’s cache folder to allow easy cleanup when required, or automatically by the OS when you run out of space. Unfortunately some “optimizer” tools clear this too often or some OS bugs can trigger the cleanup. If you rely a lot on offline mode then you can enable this option to ensure persistent image cache.

Wifi only images

When enabled images not already cached will not be downloaded on mobile network.

Wifi only downloads

When enabled prevent offline file cache on mobile network. (This does not impact playback cache)

Automatic offline mode

When enabled Symfonium will automatically switch the available offline filter, effectively putting you in offline mode

Only consider primary connection for wifi status

Some VPN application, wireguard may cause issue with wifi status, disable this option to check alternative connections.

Offline cache and download quality

Configure the offline cache media quality (Transcoding)

Automatic offline cache of favorite albums and songs

When enabled, when you favorite an album or a song it will be automatically offline cached.
Please note that removing the favorite status will not remove the files from the cache automatically!

Slower downloads

Some servers or proxy can have issues with Symfonium optimized offline cache system. Enable this option to reduce any potential issues.


Show changelog on updates

Show a changelog screen after application updates. Since the application evolve quickly it is recommended to keep the option on and read the changelog to avoid surprises when some default behavior may be changed and require you to toggle a setting.


Anonymous analytics

Enable fully anonymous analytics to a private Matomo instance. This is really useful for me to have some insight about the application usage and what should be prioritized as new features / improvements.

Anonymous crash reporting

Full anonymous crash reports. This is really useful for me to have some insight about the application crashes. But if you experience crashes it’s best to contact me with details as those crash report are most of the time not self sufficient.

Disable media session usage

Some very rare devices have a bug with Media Session handling and can use too much CPU. This is very very very rare and should only be enabled when asked by support.

Clear playback cache

Press to clear the playback cache in case of corruption. (Should never be needed)

Cleanup internal states

In some very rare cases some internal state of the application can be invalid (App killed at the very bad moment). If asked by support pressing this should fix any wrong data state. (See to reduce the risk of app kills during syncs)

Restore defaults

This button restores all settings on this page to their default values. You can also use the backup and restore function to switch between different configurations of the settings with ease. (Settings - Backup & restore)