Setting up for home

I just set up Navidrome and connected to my phone with Symfonium. So far I am loving the experience.

I would like to get this going in the home. I was wondering what people use as far as speaker choice. I would love to listen in the home outside of the phone or headphones… are there apps that integrate in Android TV or AppleTV… what is everyones setup? Thanks.

I have Kodi (LibreElec) running on a Raspberry Pi 4, which is my main media center connected to the TV, and can also be used to cast music via UPnP there. In addition I have two boxes (one RPi 1B and one RPi Zero 2) running Raspian (basically a Debian Linux) and on that mpd with upmpdcli as UPnP front-end, so I can cast music via UPnP there.

Of course I have an amp and speakers connected to each RPi.

Setting up Kodi is relatively easy, for the mpd/upmpdcli setup you need to be a little more versed with the Linux command line, so a more technical solution.

As a more mobile setup I also use a Bluetooth speaker connected to the smartphone, but I guess that was not what you were looking for.

There are of course more “out of the box” solutions, e.g. with Chromecast, but others will need to describe that.


Splinter, if you don’t mind can you tell me about the rpi. I wanted to know whether the rpi 4 is actively cooled using a cooler? I’m thinking of self hosting stuff with a rpi.

I cast to Sonos devices and Chromecast devices :slight_smile:


No active cooling. I have a Flirc case for the RPi 4, which made from aluminum and acts as a passive cooling device.

I tested it back then because I read that the RPi 4 gets warm. After 20 mins with full load (cpuburn) the CPU core temp was at 73°C and the case was so warm that I did not easily want to touch it anymore. But it did not get hotter. I think at 80°C the CPU throttles itself.

In real life (Kodi/LibreElec, playing 1080p non-HDR h264 or h265 content at max) it never gets that hot, CPU load is nowhere near the limit. The case is constantly warm though (idle CPU core temp when nothing is playing is about 48°C), so I guess it works as intended. I am perfectly happy with the setup, running it for over three years now. And it was a massive improvement over the RPi 1B I used before :grin:

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