Second IP address for online media servers

Feature description:

I would like to request you allow adding a second IP address for online media providers similar to the manner “DNS” works. This would enable the app to try connecting to a different link if the primary link is down, providing a valuable fail-safe mechanism for users.

Problem solved:

As an avid user of Symfonium, I have experienced instances where the primary local link to Emby would become unavailable outside the home, resulting in the app being unable to play the desired content. This can be frustrating, especially if ISP is using double NAT and the only way to connect is through some “WireGuard” VPN solution. With a fail-safe mechanism in place, such as the ability to automatically try connecting to a different IP address, these kinds of disruptions could be avoided altogether.

Brought benefits:

I believe that this feature would be a valuable addition to your already excellent app, and this would also solve previously rejected requests for local addresses based on Android’s precise location permission requirement.

I urge you to consider implementing it in future versions of the application. Thank you for your consideration

Other application solutions:

Symfonium has already raised the bar.

Additional description and context:

I’m already using your solution of adding the Emby server as two, enabling only the online providers. Despite Symfonium’s smart cache, duplication is common and the experience gets subpar.

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+1 for this feature.

Now I am unable to use two servers, Symfonium always connecting with my last connected address.

In the other app I can choose which server I want to use, and this solution will be enough on this moment.


Exactly! I missed this point. When a server is added as “two”, even for the available link, I’m forced to touch “Attempt to connect” when the app should automatically attempt.

This should not happen open an issue with details ? :slight_smile: If you see both then both servers are available.

Adding a second IP is ugly, when to test? When to switch? I should not try indefinitely to connect to both and kill the battery.

You can have 2 servers in Symfonium and manually switch between both so not sure what you are talking about.

Again if something does not work issues with logs and details…

Where is the option to switch between servers? I don’t see it or I’m blind :slight_smile:

Just enable one or the other. Or enable the only online filter and it will auto switch based on the available server.


This “ugly” aspect is purely subjective. I appreciate your efforts but my request is a well-thought one.

Firstly, this requested feature is gonna be an optional feature, only users who opt to add a second address have to deal with the “battery kill” thingy. The idea is simple, the app should attempt to connect to the first/primary address, if that fails, which would certainly be even when adding a server as two and enabling only an online provider, the app should attempt to connect to the secondary address (like now when it attempts to connect to another when a server is added as two and only online providers checked).

If none is available, the app would behave as it behaves now “Attempt to connect” button, asking the user to force attempts instead of auto-indefinite attempts.

I believe it would certainly improve the user experience. I use your app as a primary driver and I have tested it on personal and work phones. The feature requested is plausible for many users if not all.

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It is possible to toggle among multiple providers using the filter button and then touching on servers to toggle on/off. IMO, this affects the user experience when you have added one server two times with two different addresses.

This current method of toggling works best only when you’re actually using multiple different servers in my opinion and not the same server added twice.

In my case, the only way for both the links to become available is to ensure I am connected to my home network plus Wireguard VPN is turned on. Without either, it’s not possible for me to have both links online.

The infinite joy of I’m a user I know better :slight_smile:

The attempt connect just force a faster check, there’s still infinite regular test as required.

And sorry to disappoint but not ugly is also a subjective point of view no if you want to go that road …

There’s is already a solution with the only available server.

If that solution does not work and have issue then having 2 IPs would have the same issues.

So I know you know best and I should just obey. But there’s currently no reason to add this. Open an issue with logs and details if there’s issues as asked.

Repeating that you know better won’t change a thing.

I never implied anywhere “I know best and you should just obey”. And honestly, I didn’t expect this tone when throughout I was purely talking about my user experience politely.

This “ugly” aspect is purely subjective. I appreciate your efforts but my request is a well-thought one.

In my world this says : You are wrong when you say it’s ugly as I know better. And since what I’m saying it well thought you don’t think correctly are wrong …

Verify what you write before being upset by the answer you get.

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From the part of the world I come from, this doesn’t translate to what it does in your world. The assumption of good faith is the fundamental mantra of my part of the world. Lastly, I beg your pardon sincerely.

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You clearly never had to deal with millions other users from all over the world for the last 12 years lucky you.

Anyway. Open the issue with logs.

In my case, the only way for both the links to become available is to ensure I am connected to my home network plus Wireguard VPN is turned on. Without either, it’s not possible for me to have both links online.

Means that the proposed solutions is what you need and it should work.

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@Tolriq Initially, when you declined the proposal to implement dual IP addresses, it was evident that you had valid reasons. However, what truly impresses me is your openness to revisit the concept after a year. You actively listened to user feedback and, as a result, introduced a feature that significantly enhances the app’s functionality.

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This functionality/feature is what secured me using and purchasing Symfonium for use with my self-hosted jellyfin server. Internal non-routable LAN connection when on home wifi, and fallback to dynamic dns name routable connection when outside/external (using Cloudflare Zero Trust for securing self-hosting too).
Thanks @Tolriq and @samee

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