Feature to group servers

Feature description:

I use my local network at home to listen to music, and use a VPN outside the house. So I have to add 2 addresses per instance. This isn’t much of an issue if I manage only one instance. However, Navidrome don’t allow multiple libraries like Jellyfin does, so if I want to separate the libraries I have to start multiple instances. So adding two addresses per instance would be very confusing. It would look a lot better if I could aggregate and display instances by the same ip.
Prevents too many servers to show up and hard to use when VPN and local ip are added.
Or it would be nice to be able to group when adding media providers.

I see similar feature already mentioned in this thread. However, I made a new thread because the functionality is a bit different from what I had in mind.

Problem solved:

The problem is that the instances on the VPN and the local instances are displayed separately.

Brought benefits:

I think there are quite a few people using vpn to access from the outside. I think it will be easier for such people to see.

Other application solutions:

Symfonium displays Jellyfin’s multi-library in the same button

Well you want this app to workaround a limitation of another app this is not really how it works generally.

I think @deluan have multiple library support planned in Navidrome.

About your issue, there’s something not logical, a VPN is to make you connected remotely as if you were on your lan so there’s no reason that the server would have different IP in that case and it’s probably a VPN configuration issue.

For the other cases, Symfonium is secure by default, so this is not only an IP that change but ssl status and certificate and eventually full path in the url and a few other details.
Having 2 hosts with only online filter is the proper way to address all the cases.