Scrollbar with alphabet

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Feature description:

Scrolling through the artist or album list with lots of entries currently is pretty cumbersome because you have to scroll for a really long time to reach the desired entry. It would be great to have alphabetic buttons/shortcuts at the side so i can jump right to the desired letter

This for example is how the native Emby app handles scrolling.

Problem solved:

Brought benefits:

Jumping to the desired artist / album / song would be much faster and require less scrolling.

Other application solutions:

I saw this in the native Emby app but im sure there are others.

Additional description and context:

Notice the current position in the alphabet is highlighted so you can see what position youre actually at.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Duplicate of Alpha picker in libraries

This does not work for all the other sorts and for 400 000 list of songs.

There’s a scroll bar that shows up when start to scroll, you can drag it to fast scroll in all the screens.