Alpha picker in libraries

An alpha picker along the right edge would be helpful for those of us with large libraries on the artist and album artist views. In addition, a ‘return to top’ arrow just above the ‘A’ would be greatly appreciated.



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That’s pure iOS style that, so no plans for this kind of implementation :wink:

There’s already the go top in all screen by clicking again the currently selected tab.

The plan is that the drag bar shows the current letter or whatever order, but I’m waiting first to see if Google implement a proper official Compose way before hacking something.

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Poweramp calls the toggle “A-Z Scroll,” it’s pretty much GitHub - reddit/IndicatorFastScroll: Android library providing a simple UI control for scrolling through RecyclerViews

Symfonium is full Compose :wink: But as said I won’t go the iOS way, it will probably be the popup fastscroll way, the main issue before going custom is that I use paging so the data may not be loaded when reaching some points so nothing yet to display. A-Z would be even worse as no way to know the proper position (and it’s ugly iOS :p)