Scheduled Sync / Additive Sync for 'Online First' Playlist

Feature description:

Add a scheduled even for performing an online sync. Allow the user to enable/disable this setting and define a time. Ex: Sync ‘Instrumental’ playlist with server at 4.00 am every day / week.


Add the option to make the sync only add tracks. I’m guessing the reason why it takes so long is because it checks to make sure every track in the playlist is in the server’s playlist. When performing a second sync in “additive” mode, it will only check for new tracks. Removing a track from the server playlist will not remove it from the one on the client until a full sync is completed.

Problem solved:

Currently, the ‘Online First’ playlist will detect changes and start a sync when opening the playlist. This will remove and add any tracks that are no longer on the server-side playlist.

However, this (on Jellyfin) takes a little over 5 minutes for a playlist of 600 tracks. This will probably only grow as the playlist increases in size.

Brought benefits:

User’s won’t have to open a playlist, and wait for it to sync, as it will have synced overnight, or instantaneously will the few tracks that were added.

I think both of these features combined would be great, as you can add tracks in the middle of the day, they get synced over automatically, and the removed tracks will get removed overnight.

Playlist sync should be a couple of seconds max, provide logs and details.

With the most recent release, the syncs are much faster now thank you.

However, another issue has come up that I have put in a ticket for: No Auto-sync in 'Online First'

Thank you for your hard work.

There’s absolutely no change to that part in this release.